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Welcome to the Author Spotlight Promotional Campaign!

Thank you for accepting our invitation to bring you and your story to the spotlight. Our team has been searching for writing that moves. We believe now is the perfect time to amplify your impact and message. Ready?

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We created the Author Spotlight Promotional Campaign as part of our mission to bring books into the right reader spaces. Through this, we get to help a select group of exceptional writers gain exposure and connect with their ideal audience.

How It Works


Tell Us Your Story Through an Interview.

As a featured author, you’ll be invited to participate in an email interview with our team. This interview will be a chance for us to get to know you better, as well as gain insight into your creative process and inspirations.

We’ll ask questions about your writing, your book, and your experiences as an author, providing readers with a personal and intimate look into your world.


Grow Your Readership With Our Feature Article.

Once the interview is complete, we’ll publish a comprehensive feature article about you and your work.

This article will be tailored to give voice to your unique style, illustrating your accomplishments and sharing your story with many readers.


Get Ready to be Discovered.

As a final step, our team will distribute the article to our extensive newsletter subscriber list through an email campaign.

We’ll also promote your books through our channels, giving readers the opportunity to learn more about your work and where to purchase it.

Our subscribers are avid readers and book lovers, so this will be an excellent opportunity for you to connect with a new audience and expand your reach.

Become a Featured Author!

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Our goal is to bring good books into the right reader spaces.

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We understand this may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The Author Spotlight Promotional Campaign is for authors who want to:

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Join The Campaign.

Give Your Book a Chance! $1,200

Our goal is to help your book find its place in the hearts of readers. It’s why we do what we do. We understand that you may have a distinct vision for your book, and we wish you all the best in achieving your desired outcome. Bookbie remains committed to collaborating with authors who share our common goal.

We hope that you will give your book a chance.

The Author Spotlight Program’s active promotion period extends over twelve (12) months, ensuring sustained visibility and engagement. Notably, your feature article will maintain a prominent presence on our website for a full year, offering consistent access to your work. This does not include the allocated time frame for production and preparation, which may take anywhere from two (2) weeks to one month. In order to achieve the best results, our team may need to exercise creative freedom and implement any necessary alterations or adjustments.

Once the production process has commenced, the service becomes non-refundable. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us at