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A Crown of Ivy and Glass by Claire Legrand

The chemistry between Gemma and Talan electrifies the narrative, imbuing every interaction with tension and longing.

Prepare to be whisked away to a realm of enchantment and desire in the pages of “A Crown of Ivy and Glass,” the spellbinding adult debut by the New York Times bestselling author Claire Legrand.

With a breathtaking blend of fantasy, romance, and intrigue, Legrand weaves a tale that will instantly captivate readers. This lush, sweeping, and steamy fantasy romance series starter will transport readers to a world brimming with intrigue, passion, and the delicate dance of power.

Lady Gemma Ashbourne appears to possess everything a young woman could desire: youth, beauty, and immense wealth. Born into a family blessed by the gods, their extraordinary abilities granted them a place among the Anointed.

However, beneath the shimmering façade of her life, Gemma carries a profound sorrow. Her sister Mara was whisked away to the Middlemist to safeguard against treacherous magic. Her mother abandoned the family, leaving a void in Gemma’s heart. Her father and eldest sister, entangled in a deadly blood feud with the mysterious Bask family, often overlook Gemma’s existence.

To make matters worse, Gemma herself possesses no magic.

Plagued by constant illness and overwhelming loneliness, Gemma yearns for love and acceptance, a place where she truly belongs.

It is within this yearning that she encounters the devastatingly handsome Talan d’Astier—a man with a tragic past and a burning desire to restore his family’s honor. Gemma proposes a daring bargain: she will guide Talan through the labyrinthine maze of high society if he aids her in obliterating the Bask family.

Legends whisper of a demon known as The Man With the Three-Eyed Crown, orchestrating the blood feud between these powerful families. If they can vanquish this demon, they may finally bring peace to their households.

As their quest unfolds, the stakes escalate, and attacks on the Middlemist surge, propelling the narrative into a whirlwind of danger and passion. With each turn of the page, Legrand’s lyrical prose and masterful storytelling transport readers to a world teeming with secrets, where alliances shift and darkness looms. Gemma finds herself irresistibly drawn to Talan, and as their connection deepens, so does the emergence of something immense and terrifying within her. This awakening could either consume her or unveil the true strength of her power.

In “A Crown of Ivy and Glass,” Legrand orchestrates a captivating tale that will tug at the heartstrings of fantasy enthusiasts and romance aficionados alike.

The chemistry between Gemma and Talan electrifies the narrative, imbuing every interaction with tension and longing. It is a testament to Legrand’s storytelling prowess that she effortlessly blends the elements of magic, romance, and intrigue into a harmonious whole, leaving readers breathless and yearning for more.

With “A Crown of Ivy and Glass,” Legrand showcases her talent for crafting immersive and intoxicating worlds, weaving a tapestry of love, power, and self-discovery. This series starter is a symphony of emotions, sweeping readers off their feet and into a realm where desire burns bright and secrets lie in wait.

Prepare to be enthralled by the magic of Legrand’s prose and the enchantment that lingers within each page.

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