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Happy Place by Emily Henry

Emily Henry invites you to indulge in a summer escapade that will leave you weak in the knees and dreaming of moonlit walks on sandy shores.

Escape to a world where love plays hide-and-seek and the line between make-believe and reality blurs in the sun-drenched pages of Emily Henry’s latest delight.

Join Harriet and Wyn as they embark on a whimsical adventure that will leave you grinning, swooning, and craving a summer romance of your own.

Once upon a time, Harriet and Wyn were the epitome of a perfect couple—the yin to each other’s yang, the spark that ignited the night sky. But somewhere along the way, their love story hit a bump, and they decided to part ways.

Now, their relationship lies fractured, a silent chasm that neither dares to bridge.

Five months have passed since their breakup, and things seem to be going well for the both of them. The only problem? They forgot to tell their best friends.

As destiny would have it, the time has come for their friend group’s annual tradition of week-long vacations at the beloved Maine cottage.

Amidst the salty air and crashing waves, Harriet and Wyn find themselves sharing a room, their broken hearts hidden behind a façade of friendly banter. As the cottage’s For Sale sign casts a shadow over their final week together, they can’t bear to burden their friends with the truth.

So, they hatch a plan, a grand charade that will keep their secret safe.

Harriet, the determined surgical resident, will play the part of the unstoppable go-getter, while Wyn, the laid-back charmer, will enchant the world with his infectious grin.

It’s all fun and games, right?

Well, until their gazes meet across the breakfast table, and their hearts whisper a different tune—a melody of longing and unfinished business.

Emily Henry’s tale of breathtaking complexity blurs the boundaries between truth and illusion. In this week of sun-kissed shores and whispered confessions, the couple who once knew each other better than anyone are tasked with the greatest performance of their lives.

Can they sustain the pretense of love while their hearts yearn for reconciliation? How long can they dance on the precipice of their own desires before the delicate balance is shattered?

With her signature wit and charm, Emily Henry invites you to indulge in a summer escapade that will leave you weak in the knees and dreaming of moonlit walks on sandy shores.

Happy Place is a romantic whirlwind that celebrates the magic of friendship, the power of laughter, and the undeniable magnetism of true love. So grab a glass of chilled rosé, sink your toes in the sand, and let Harriet and Wyn’s story sweep you off your feet.

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