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None of This Is True by Lisa Jewell

Alix and Josie are brought together by fate, setting off a chain of events that will challenge their perceptions of reality.

In this gripping novel by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jewell, the seemingly innocuous act of celebrating a birthday transforms into a harrowing tale of twisted connections, dark secrets, and the pulse-pounding allure of the unknown.

Alix Summer is a charismatic podcaster. At a local pub on her forty-fifth birthday, Alix’s life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with the unassuming Josie Fair—a woman whose demeanor belies a complex and mysterious past.

Both celebrating their forty-fifth birthdays, Alix and Josie are brought together by fate, setting off a chain of events that will challenge their perceptions of reality.

In a world where appearances are deceiving and every word is a potential dagger, Alix and Josie’s lives collide once again, this time outside a schoolyard.

Josie, drawn by Alix’s podcasts, sees an opportunity to dive into her subject’s psyche, all while harboring secrets that could shatter Alix’s world into a million pieces.

As Alix delves into Josie’s life, a shadowy tapestry of secrets and lies begins to unravel.

Jewell’s masterful storytelling keeps readers on edge, building a sense of impending doom that lingers with every turn of the page. The palpable tension is not just between characters but within the readers themselves as they grapple with the unpredictable and unsettling nature of the story.

With Alix’s ever-increasing unease and Josie’s enigmatic allure, None of This Is True is a tantalizing game of psychological chess.

Lisa Jewell explores identity, deception, and the eerie power of coincidences. The characters are rendered with depth and nuance, and their interactions propel the story forward with a sense of inevitability.

None of This Is True melds the thrill of a psychological thriller with the immersive intimacy of true crime narratives, resulting in a tour de force that leaves an indelible mark.

As the final revelations come to light, you’ll find yourself lingering on the lingering question: who is Josie Fair, and what has she done?

Prepare to be captivated, unsettled, and utterly enthralled by this tale of birthdays, secrets, and the chilling consequences of the choices we make.

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