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Bookbie Club Picks: Must-Read Historical Fiction This Week

American Daughters by Piper Huguley

In American Daughters, Portia Washington, daughter of Booker T. Washington, and Alice Roosevelt, daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt, form an enduring bond amidst societal expectations, marriages, and political tumult.

What The Mountains Remember by Joy Callaway

April 1913. Belle Newbold reluctantly faces her past as she joins Henry Ford’s Vagabonds tour, aiming to secure her future through an arranged marriage. However, unexpected revelations challenge her aspirations.

The British Booksellers by Kristy Cambron

In The British Booksellers, Amos Darby and Charlotte Terrington navigate the aftermath of WWI, their secret love, and subsequent lives. Decades later, as WWII looms, they must unite against threats to their bookshops and hometown.

The Wartime Book Club by Kate Thompson

Inspired by true events, The Wartime Book Club follows Grace La Mottée, the only librarian in Jersey during WWII. Defying Nazis, she forms a secret book club, embodying courage, resistance, and the solace found in literature.

The Berlin Letters by Katherine Reay

Katherine Reay’s latest novel delves into the Cold War era, following Luisa Voekler, a CIA code breaker, as she unravels family secrets and risks all to free her father from East German captivity.

A Right Worthy Woman by Ruth P. Watson

This novel tells the remarkable true story of Maggie Lena Walker, who rose from humble beginnings to become the first Black woman to establish and lead a bank in the U.S., shaping Virginia’s Black Wall Street.

The Underground Library by Jennifer Ryan

Inspired by true events, this novel follows Juliet, Katie, and Sofie as they fight to save Bethnal Green Library during the Blitz. Amid personal struggles, they unite to preserve their community’s cherished heart.

Becoming Madam Secretary by Stephanie Dray

Stephanie Dray’s latest novel illuminates the extraordinary life of Frances Perkins, who defied expectations to become FDR’s trusted ally. Amidst personal struggles and political turmoil, she reshaped America during the Great Depression.

In the Shadow of the Greenbrier by Emily Matchar

In the Shadow of the Greenbrier spans four generations of the Zelner family, entwined with the legacy of West Virginia’s famed Greenbrier Resort. Secrets, desires, and familial bonds intersect amidst changing times.

The London Bookshop Affair by Louise Fein

The London Bookshop Affair intertwines the lives of Celia in 1962 London and Anya in 1942 France, revealing espionage, betrayal, and a courageous fight for justice amidst the looming war.


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