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Curl Up with a Cozy Mystery: 15 Must-Read Mystery Books This Fall

Curl Up with a Cozy Mystery: 15 Must-Read Mystery Books This Fall

Smile Beach Murder by Alicia Bessette (Book #1, Outer Banks Bookshop Mystery)

Join Callie Padget, a spunky former reporter turned bookshop clerk, as she dives into a tangled web of secrets in the Outer Banks. Lighthouse mysteries, treasure hunts, and a dash of romance await!

A Most Agreeable Murder by Julia Seales

In the prim and proper world of Swampshire, Beatrice Steele’s love for true crime is her forbidden secret. When a bachelor’s death disrupts a ball, she turns detective to unravel a murder mystery amidst etiquette chaos.

The Paris Mystery by Kirsty Manning

In 1938 Paris, reporter Charlotte “Charlie” James chases her big break amidst high-society soirées. When murder strikes the Circus Ball, she’s thrust into a world of secrets, couture, and personal mysteries.

A Murder at Balmoral by Chris Mcgeorge

In a regal Christmas gathering at Balmoral Castle, King Eric’s shocking death sparks a royal whodunit. As secrets unravel, head chef Jonathan turns detective, unmasking a royal killer amidst the storm.

Mother-Daughter Murder Night by Nina Simon

L.A. tycoon Lana Rubicon swaps skyscrapers for otters in a coastal escape. When her granddaughter stumbles upon a murder, Lana dons her wig to uncover secrets, protect her family, and find power anew.

Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers by Jesse Q. Sutanto

In the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown, Vera Wong, a curious lady of a certain age, stumbles upon a murder in her tea shop. With a stolen flash drive and a flair for detective work, she delves into a whirlwind of secrets, newfound friendships, and suspense.

Six Sweets Under by Sarah Fox

Chocolatier Becca Ransom’s sweet life in Larch Haven turns bitter when a local curmudgeon is murdered during the Gondola Races. Becca must unwrap the secrets before she meets a sticky end.

A Cryptic Clue by Victoria Gilbert (Book #1, A Hunter and Clewe Mystery)

Retired librarian Jane Hunter seeks adventure and retirement income. She lands a job cataloging rare books for eccentric collector Cam Clewe. But when murder strikes in the library, can Jane and her quirky boss solve the case together?

Against the Currant by Olivia Matthews (Book #1, Spice Isle Bakery Mysteries)

In Brooklyn’s Little Caribbean, Lyndsay fulfills her dream with Spice Isle Bakery. When a rival’s murder makes her the prime suspect, she’s got to whip up a killer alibi, frosting and all!

Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chien (Book #1, Noodle Shop Mysteries)

After a dramatic exit from her job, Lana Lee finds herself back at her family’s restaurant, facing matchmaking schemes. But when the property manager dies from a shrimp dumpling delivery, Lana turns detective to save the family business.

Nonna Maria and the Case of the Missing Bride by Lorenzo Carcaterra (Book #1, Nonna Maria)

On the idyllic island of Ischia, everyone turns to Nonna Maria for advice and secrets. When a suspicious stranger arrives, Nonna takes matters into her own hands, stirring up intrigue beneath the Mediterranean sun.

Snuffed Out by Valona Jones (Book #1, Magic Candle Shop Mystery)

Meet the Winslow twins, partners in crime-solving at The Book and Candle Shop. When a customer is found murdered, their sleuthing skills light up Savannah. But as secrets unravel, they face a sinister force.

The Shortest Way to Hades by Sarah Caudwell

When family finances turn treacherous, the Galloway clan resorts to drastic measures. Amid accidents and intrigue, Professor Hilary Tamar delves into a perilous quest for the naked truth.

How to Book a Murder by Cynthia Kuhn (Book #1, A Starlit Bookshop Mystery)

When murder crashes her mystery-themed party, bookstore owner Emma Starrs plays detective, channeling her inner Poe. With more deadly drama ahead, she’ll need cunning and clues to escape the final chapter.

Murder On Boston Common by Andrea Kress (Book #1, Massachusetts Cozy Mystery)

In 1933 Boston, socialite Amanda Burnside yearns for excitement. When she stumbles upon a murder, she swaps soirées for sleuthing. With danger lurking, can she unmask a killer and stay alive?


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