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Free and Effective Marketing Tool To Drive Book Sales

Free and Effective Marketing Tool To Drive Book Sales

Last week, our team struck gold…or at least, we felt like it.

We thought we had discovered the one, elusive secret to get people to read more of an author’s books. But who am I kidding?

The world of ink and paper is not so simple, and there is no one magic solution to make your book a bestseller.

Instead, it takes a potent concoction of little things done right to help your book stand out and attract the right readers. One such ingredient that is often overlooked is properly setting up your Amazon Author Profile.

What exactly is an Amazon Author Profile, you might ask?

Over the last decade, Amazon has become the world’s largest bookseller, surpassing even traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores and major book chains. Their vast selection of book titles and powerful recommendation engine presents an enormous opportunity for authors and readers.

Enter Amazon Author Central.

Think of it as an author’s ultimate secret weapon.

It’s a portal that allows authors to claim their profile, build an author page, and showcase all their published works. Through Amazon Author Central, authors can engage with their readers, respond to reviews, and build a loyal fan base.

Simply put, Amazon Author Central is the hub where your readers can learn more about you and your writing.

Last year, our authors saw an 85% increase in book sales routed from their Amazon Author Profile alone.

It’s Free, Easy, And Effective!

Here’s how you, too, can make the most out of this tool. To set up your Amazon Author Profile, you need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Claim your author profile. Create an account and verify your identity as an author on Amazon Author Central.

2. Write an engaging author bio that captures your readers’ imaginations. Share anecdotes or tidbits about your life and interests to help them connect with you.

3. Introduce your other books. Link all your published works to your author profile by navigating to the Books section of your Author Central page and selecting the option to add more books.

4. Optimize your book listings. Create compelling book descriptions that grab the reader’s attention, and ensure that your book covers are up-to-date and eye-catching. Use keywords that will help your book show up in relevant searches—from “cozy mystery” to “personal healing journey.”

5. Engage with your readers. Respond to reviews and share updates about your writing journey and recent work-in-progress (WIP). If you’re up to it, get social savvy and add your Twitter feed to your author page.

Lastly, tell people about it. Share your Author Page on social media, add links to your website, and spread the word about your writing. With the right ingredients, you can create a perfect recipe for success as an author.

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